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It's been quiet around here hasn't it?  Sorry for that, I caught the flu last week and Becki has been on vacation! But while I was sick I had some time to browse the web and search different topics and I decided I was going to clean up my diet. I have heard lots of talk about Clean Eating it's all over now, but what is it? I thought it was something that would be impractical for me to start and keep up with.  During my down time I came across a blog called The Gracious Pantry. I've been reading posts about Clean Eating and she really breaks it down for you on here! It doesn't seem so difficult anymore; infact I think it's definitely do-able!
She has so many recipes even has shopping lists for basics you should have on hand or things you can get at Walmart that are still clean!
So many recipes like Clean Eating Brownie Waffles (yumm) and more! I'm super excited to do this, many people have noticed more energy, weight loss, and overall better feeling. Can't beat that! So here marks another journey for me.
Do you eat clean? What are your favorite sites for recipes and facts? What are you favorite recipes?  I'd love to know!!