2 Girls & their hobbies
    One of my BIG passions in life is photography, it is an amazing art to capture moments in time. I admire several photographers and enjoy looking through their work daily. I hope that one day I can aspire to be as talented in photography as them. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! So for now I am practicing away! I'll be using this to blog my progression in many things and photography is one of them! 
    Recently I did my FIRST newborn photos! I prepared by lots of YouTube videos (LOL), studying Pinterest posts and I also went to "Ross Dress For Less" and bought blankets and rugs to use as props and back drops. (On a side note such an awesome store for home things on a budget that was my first time there.) I must say I learned posing a newborn is so much harder than the "baby whisperer photographers" on YouTube make it look, props to you ladies and gentlemen! But I did get a few good shots. Her mother is the sister of my best friend and god childrens mom, so I also got a few shots of them! Tues I will be taking photos of their whole family so I should have more to share with you soon!!

Tell me what you think and don't hold back any tips! :)

God Children

Baby Payzli


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