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Happy Easter! 
    This morning I had to get up bright and early to make a cake for our Easter gathering.  Last year I made a "Better Than Sex Cake", which for the sake of the holliday we called a "Heath Bar Cake" :) and everyone LOVED it requested I make it every year.  But who wants to get in a rut, so this year I decided to do a dreamcicle cake. 
    Now I had seen a picture of a dreamcicle cake on Facebook looong ago and that is where I got the idea to make one for Easter.  Finding the recipe proved to be next to impossible. I couldn't find the posting on facebook and Pinterest had the picture but no recipe attached!! (What good does that do me?) So I searched high and low and finally came across
 and her Orange Creamsicle Cake was close enough to what I wanted so I decided to give it a go.

Here's My Take:

First you need your ingredients.
Classic Yellow cake mix, Vanilla pudding (recipe says 3.5oz I used over half of a 6oz approx 5oz.) Jello (recipe calls for 2 3.5 I used over 1-1/2 6oz. boxes) 1 pkg cool whip thawed, milk, vanilla, and cream cheese.
`To begin prepare cake according to box directions. mean while boil water for Jello. I had to double my Water and Jello to 1 cup boiling water and 6 oz Jello. Dissolve Jello, when The cake comes out poke holes into the cake, I used a straw. Once cake is ready add 1 Cup cold water to Jello and stir. 1 box made two 8x8 cakes and I poured the Jello over both cakes evenly. Cover the cake and place in the refridgerator for atleast an hour - 2 hours.
While that is chillin', I started making the icing. You take your cream cheese (soften it, I put mine in the microwave uncovered for 30 seconds) Take a mixer and mix until smooth Then add another 3.5oz. of Orange  Jello and 3.5oz. Vanilla Pudding. I mixed these together a little bit then I added the milk and vanilla and mixed until smooth again. Once smooth, fold in your whip cream and ice your cake!
As you can tell Icing is NOT my specialty.  Sure was tastey though!!! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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