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So as you guys know I have started to adapt to "clean eating."  Honestly so far I love it. I've had a couple days that have been difficult, but for the most part have found it's easy to change small things to make a BIG difference. I have more about this journey under the Our Journeys tab.  But this change has brought me to one of my all time favorite breakfasts (this far.)  I found it on SarahFit, it was different than what I had today because it was a wrap! (which I've ate and is equally delish!)
However, a few days ago I got my coupons from Kroger in the mail and received a free pack of bacon!! I have yet to use this coupon (all though I definitely will) because I have bacon frozen and to be honest it does not go with clean eating at all! (which makes me super sad.) But then a friend of mine was talking about having bacon yesterday and well it's been on my mind!! So this morning I made a modified Spinach and Feta Egg white Omelet that she makes (just with out the wrap) and 3 pieces of bacon :) yummm. So follow this for her recipe and here is mine!

I took a handful of spinach washed and pulled off the stems. Since they wilt down so small there's no need to tear. I use a small 6 inch skillet and I wilt the spinach with the lid on to make it faster.  After the spinach is wilted I take a clove of minced garlic and mix it in. After they have cooked a few minutes together I took my 3 egg whites (beaten) and pour them on top. Cook with the lid on until almost finished and then throw on a few pieces of feta cheese. Feta has such a strong flavor that I find a small amount works perfect. Once it is finished I flip the omelet over let it cook on the other side to ensure egg whites are fully cooked and then I eat!  One of my favorite breakfasts! I hope you enjoy.
Sorry the Picture isn't the best. Just a quick snap before I gobbled it up!

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