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Hi Guys! 
  So I'm working on getting a couple recipes together a couple "semi-clean" dishes that I have found or came up with. But in the mean time I wanted to share with you this AWESOME site that I found! It's called Zip List and it's not just a website but also an app for your phone. Say you're browsing through Prim & Posh and you find an awesome recipe you want to save. You can add this recipe directly from the web to your Zip List recipe box and it will save them with the pictures!!! Better yet, from there you can click the recipes and turn them into shopping lists, even look for the cheapest place to buy this item. Also make meal plans with those recipes! So where does the App for your smart phone come in? Once you have an account if you get the app all the same info is on your smart phone!! 
  How much easier can it get? One site for recipe, shopping list, price comparison, and meal plan! A lot of different sites partner up to list their recipes directly on Zip List or offer a link on their recipe to put in your recipe box with out even leaving their page or you can find the recipe simply by putting the url in on Zip Lists website!  Check it out . . you won't be disappointed!

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