2 Girls & their hobbies
    This is one of the very first pieces I revamped about 2 years ago. My husband had just moved in and brought this from his apartment. If it was going to stay in my house it had to be prettied up.
     I've since changed our living room colors to lighter shades of blue, tan and white. And this corner cabinet found the very best new home possible. Kristens living room ! I traded her for a white vanity which is now my current work in progress project.

    Preview of vanity redo. Check back for more pictures and all the things this project taught me.

    For my first post of furniture restoration, I wanted to share this table I saved from my dads burn pile. Recently my parents remodeled and moved into the house my grandparents built. Most of my grandparents estate was taken to the auction but a few things were left behind. A few things my dad thought he would just toss  on the burn pile. He was even going to burn a hutch that was in PERFECT condition! No worries though, I have since gotten him to agree to show me all furniture and old things before he burns them.  Which leads me to this table.
    This one I actually understood why my dad wanted to burn it. It had been used as a front porch table for years and had seen its fair share of destructive weather! The top had been water damaged (as seen in lower left picture of grid) but I had a point to prove to my dad--these things can be SAVED and LOVED again by someone else.
    So I took it home and was determined to breathe new life into it. I was originally going to cut a new top for the table but decided to fix it with just the items I had on hand. So I scraped the top veneer layer off the table and gave it a good wipe down. I painted the table with this beautiful teal color that I picked up awhile back for $1.00. It was labeled as a "mistint" or "oops" paint.
    One coat later I had a beautiful rustic table that I thought would be perfect for a potting table or even to use on the patio. I sent my dad a picture of the table and dropped it off at the booth. I found out the next day that it had already sold! Nothing thrilled me more than calling my dad to tell him I saved the table with a little bit of time and $1.00 paint and sold it in one day .
I think furniture is now safe from the burn pile, but if I'm not careful he may come looking for commission!